Weekending: With Balance & Love

Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do… but how much love we put in that action.” Mother Theresa was right, and this must be the reason Grammie and Pop’s house is so magical for us and especially for Sophia. There is no magic in reality, just an incredible investment of time, attention and love for Sophia and us, too.

Sophia’s social season has begun and we are too happy to tag along to all her soirees. Fortunately, the first event took place close to my in-laws who graciously hosted us. The weather was gorgeous and we were happy to see our friends, get some help with Sophia, rest and unwind in a much quieter setting than offered in our Washington D.C., suburbs.

Sophia loved, loved, loved being on the balance beam, choosing to go on a high one even though she’s never tried a beam before. We should probably sign her up for gymnastics and nurture her budding skills and interest.






Having caught up with our good friends and enjoyed the hospitality of my in-laws, we departed on our journey back satiated and rested wishing the trip didn’t end so quickly and the drive didn’t take so long.

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