When life gives you rocks on Christmas…

We are spending some much needed time with family. Even though we don’t celebrate Christmas, there is something magical about the season. We slow down, relax, look back at the year and think about what we want for next year.
Miracles and angels must surely exist manifesting themselves as grandparents’ helping hands. So for this very reason, I’m a fan of this season.
Alas, life still goes on and there is still plenty of unpleasantries that are. My golden rule… Say nothing if you have nothing nice to say. I am too old to be mean and make snide remarks and for that reason I’ll always take the high road. After all, I now have to lead by example for Sophia.
Speaking of…
Sophia insisted on taking some rocks she found to bed for her nap. She kept them… Didn’t toss them and maybe the world would be a prettier place if we kept our rocks (and daggers) to ourselves instead of tossing them.
This post feels good because it is cathartic.

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  1. Dana said:

    Beautifully said, I don’t know what you relate to, but I understand what you mean, and I think it’s the right attitude to deal with unpleasantries. Let this holiday season be a peaceful one from this point on!

    December 24, 2013

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