Just Breathe…

The holiday season is upon us. Every fall I wish for a calm, quiet holiday season. Every December 1st, I realize that my wish won’t come true. For one, the social calendar is once again packed with obligations (some pleasurable and some, well, obligations). Secondly, there is all that shopping to be done for presents. Thirdly, everyone else has similar thoughts to mine: all that shopping to be done.

Where there is shopping, there is traffic. Where there is traffic, there are bad tempers and impatience. Add in the D.C., metro area into the equation and you have an intolerable, unbearable situation that has driven me straight to my personal computing device for taking care of most of my gifting needs.

My early holiday resolution is to try to take it easy and be “done” with everything and ready to relax by December 21st. I’ve even contemplated taking a vacation day to get caught up on chores and todo’s. Is your holiday season busy? What do you dread the most?


  1. Dana said:

    Ours is crazy, and we’re no celebrating Christmas!!! I can’t possibly imagine what other people are dealing with. We have 2 birthdays, Chanukah, my son’s best friends’ 2 birthdays, Solstice and on top of all this New Year. On the last two there are no presents, and we’re generally very minimal with everything that enters our house, and we hardly do any shopping, but still it’s too much things, too much excitement, too much of everything for kids and for us. I do try to breath too, but it gets tricky at times.
    I wish you peaceful and relaxed holidays!!!

    December 4, 2012
    • Na'o said:

      Same to you!

      December 5, 2012

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