Thankfully, Traffic Was Awful!

That’s right. This is not a typo. I mean it — I am thrilled to have crawled in traffic for a long while today. It snowed today. The first snow of the season and the perfect tease of nature’s wrath that may still be unlieshed. Traffic was moving slowly, the sky a pale grey cocooning us and laying a blanket of light white stuff. I turned on some tunes and without rushing, embraced the picturesque, slow drive that was inevitable.

Even though I often rush to work and rush even more to get home, the long drive affords a sometimes urgently necessary solitude to decompress and spend time alone with my thoughts. After an hour’s drive, I was in a way, refreshed getting to work and now I can’t wait to run home and let Sophia touch snow for the very first time. She is wondering what it feels like on her warm little hands, and I wonder what her reaction will be like.

Tune: Moonlight Sonata

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  1. Bubbie said:

    I know that feeling. I remember days of being “snowed in” and enjoying the moments of quiet.

    January 24, 2013

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