Celebratory Dinner

We decided on a low-key, home-made dinner for hubby’s birthday. After a long discussion, he ordered some sort of a stew, mashed potatoes and Tiramisu. I happily obliged. Warning: there is no finished picture of the Tiramisu as we devoured it, and my mother’s AMAZING apple cake before snapping any pictures. I assure you, they both were delicious.

Manly beef…

Seared for MAXIMUM flavor…

Accompanied with mashed potatoes and sweet snap peas.

Chased with dessert…

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  1. judi said:

    I am so glad that I got to eat this meal! It was so delicious! Pictures do not do it justice!! The meat fell off the bone and was so flavorful. The potatoes were creamy and smooth. The Snap pea pods were crunchy and sweet. The Tiramisu was silky, with the perfect touch of rum and chocolate shavings. This was a wonderful birthday celebration.

    December 3, 2012

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