The B-I-G 3-0

Hubby turned 30 yesterday. The B-I-G 3-0 as I like to refer to it. In reality, it isn’t so big and we celebrated low-key with my in-laws which is just like we wanted. We did start the weekend early, with an indulgent (in calories) dinner at home with the baby and continued the celebrations into his actual day.

… anyway. Back to Friday’s indulgent dinner. Nothing is more indulgent than … well, butter and heavy cream and carbs. So, Cacio e Pepe which literally means Cheese and Pepper it was — with luscious fettuccine. To reign in the calories and health factor, we went with olive oil and we added a little bit of meyer lemon zest into the sauce and juice when finishing. We also added arugula for the health factor. The kitchen lit up with that delicate, zingy lemon fresh smell as the essential oils in the zest infused the butter. Mmmm… good.

… and …

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