Birthday Gifts…

What do you get for a man who has … well, everything? I don’t mean literally of course, but in reality, we’re very fortunate. We have a warm home, food, jobs and too many material possessions. I was seriously challenged in the gift department for hubby’s B-I-G 3-0. It finally dawned on me that perhaps at this stage in our life, the best gifts are experiences or gifts that enable experiences. Ephemeral gifts are often treasured because they are fleeting and we always treasure them just how we want to remember them in our minds.

I also realize that the most fortunate people in life, are those who can control their destinies by making their own choices. We may not always have all the information to make the perfect decision, but that’s part of life — making do with what you have.

So, the morning of his birthday, Sophia presented her papa with an envelope that contained a card and another envelope. The “other” envelope contained two envelopes. The rules of the present were this: you choose one envelope and return the other one to me. This way, he doesn’t get to see what he didn’t select. The first two envelopes were labeled “Romance” and “Adventure”. Inside “Romance” there was “Rustic” and “Luxe”. In “Rustic”, there was “Sticks” and “Stones” and in “Luxe” there were “Hot Pink” and “White”. In each of the Sticks, Stones, Hot Pink and White were destinations. The same went for Adventure. Stay tuned for what hubby ended up choosing…


  1. Dana said:

    How creative! Keep us posted! And happy birthday to your Man!

    December 2, 2012
  2. […] home and rarely, if ever, bring the type of joy that does real life brings. I am, in that respect, a lot like Evan. So in the end, all I want for my birthday is a date with my husband and some delicious cake with […]

    March 16, 2015

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