A Valentine’s Tradition

I must confess, we’re not really Valentine’s Day people. First, why does anyone need a designated day to express their feelings to a beloved? Secondly, nothing seems further removed from romance than forced rituals like dinner out with price-fixe menus and the likes.

You may at this point be wondering if we even bother with a card. Indeed, we do. Hubby and I have been writing cards to one another for years and have saved most of them. Through them, we’ve can look back on the evolution of a romance. While our cards are private, the sentiment is not and is in fact, universal.

To my beloved husband: I don’t know why I am here, and I have no idea where I will be, but I am happy anywhere because I am with you. I Love You Always.

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  1. […] right, BIG MUSCLES MUSSELS. As mentioned before, we are not keen on the commercalised fiasco that has become Valentine’s Day. That said, […]

    February 15, 2013

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