Tradition, Tradition!

Much like my secret single behaviors (SSBs), hubby and I have our own traditions. One that stands out is our fervent reverence of the coffee bean. In fact, we love it so much so, that we felt compelled to include it in our vows and the text of our ketubah. So the tradition is that we like to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee together on the weekends. It is now-a-days a less tranquil experience, but one that we hold on to.

We like to enjoy the coffee out of our Moi and Toi (me and you when translated from French) cups. I got these years ago right after we moved in together. They’re Limoges cups and although simple in design, their excellent quality, thin and refined porcelain enhance our weekend cups of coffee much like a proper wine glass enhances the grape elixir which it holds.

Coffee… and the fact that I got them on clearance nearly 6 years ago at TJMaxx of all places just makes me realize that we can find the most special things when we least expect them to.



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