Philadelphia: My Other Love

As you can see here, here and here, we’ve been very loquacious about travel lately. There is one destination that is and always will be among the top and that place is Philadelphia.

Many of our friends and family don’t understand our ardent affinity for Philadelphia. Besides having a great social, art and food scenes, we love it so much because it is where we fell in love and grew up so to speak. We discovered it, explored it and lived it for years. To some, Philadelphia is rough around the edges, a little grimy and hot/stinky in the summer. To us, and those in the know, it is real, young, alive and always changing.

Even though we don’t live there anymore (we will do just about anything to move back sooner rather than later), we still come back and visit when we are home with our families. Here are some of our favorite places to see, be seen and enjoy.

  • Watching People: Parking ourselves at the Rittenhouse Park with a cup of La Colombe Coffee (Latte in the AM, Cappuccino in the PM)
  • Looking at Art: First Friday in Philadelphia – an open house for Philly art galleries. Coincidentally  this occurs in mostly in Olde City which is where we lived for ~5 years
  • Taking in High Culture: The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts – when we have a craving for some high class culture
  • Keeping It Real: Midnight Pretzel Run – one of hubby’s favorite things to do: a perfect reflection of the young mindset in Philadelphia
  • Learning Like it Should Be: Sunday School — for the oenophile at Tria
  • Watching Movies: Kid-free, not-mainstream movies for the savvy goer at the Ritz Landmark.
  • Being a Big Kid: ICE CREAM… YOU SCREAM FOR CAPOGIRO‘s ICE CREAM. Alternatively, you can go old school with The Franklin Fountain (which was right around the corner from where we lived).

So the next time anyone has a day to spare, come and visit and enjoy this beautiful city because I am sure you will love it.

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