Turning the lights back on

We’re back from our self imposed pause in blogging. The reasons for the break in the depictions of the trials and tribulations of our family life are threefold. Firstly, there was our pause to take a break and think about the tragedy in Connecticut. Then, Sophia caught a very bad cold that brought our daily normalcy and rhythms to a halt. Then … just as Sophia was on the upswing, having shared her plague with us, we were setting off on a vacation with the hubby’s family.

Before I talk about my newfound admiration for people traveling with young children, I’d like to share a quiet wish; this year, I wish not to see and feel unimaginable sadness that is brought by unjust treatment of those who are unable to defend themselves. And in case anyone’s listening upstairs :-), I’d like to win the lottery and travel around the world, too.

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