Planning and Packing for a Family Vacation

Two years ago, hubby and I agreed to go on a family cruise with his parents to celebrate his grandmother’s birthday. We had to bow out of that cruise unfortunately as we found out that we were expecting Sophia. We were sad to miss great family time and promised to make time as soon as we we could.

My in-laws were very accommodating and we settled on a cruise departing from New York to avoid flying with a young toddler. No flying meant I could take as much luggage as I wanted and we wouldn’t be challenged by airline delays. We boarded Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 shortly before Christmas for a relaxing vacation NYC-Carribean-NYC.

Before I dive deep into how we liked traveling with a toddler, I feel compelled to share how we managed to pack and organize ourselves. The only way we were able to organize, pack and maintain even a small amount of sanity was through extensive list making and any starting to pack two weeks in advance. The greatest challenge was to pack for both warm and cold weather since it was frigid in NYC and well into the 80ies three days later in St. Kitt’s. We had six pieces of luggage (1 for Sophia, 2 small, 1 medium, 1 large, and one collapsible that housed 100 diapers, baby meds, baby food and Sophia’s much beloved KiX cereal).

More on the trip itself in forthcoming posts.

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