Carpe Diem

This blog, these posts have in recent weeks and months become, for a lack of a better word, predictable. I don’t aspire to predictability in this aspect of my life. This is a creative outlet where I endeavor to stretch myself, and practice a craft in which I do not, in my biased opinion, possess a great talent. And so, rigidity and mundaneness are undesired suggesting a lack of spark that often hooks readers. I pledge (mostly to myself) to do better starting with this.

Mother’s Day is upon us and I am saddened not to spend the day truly and wholly with my girls doing whatever I want or nothing at all. Before I know it, Sophia and Eliza will not be able to (much like me this year) spend the very same holiday with their mom.

I have, since becoming a mom, had painfully little time to spend with my own mom just the two of us. Our relationship has evolved from all about us to all about the kids. Thinking on this while chauffeuring Sophia to her bowling party this past weekend, I hatched a plan to work on our “just us” relationship.

My mom is an amazing and inspiring woman. She is selfless, loving, caring and very driven. I always learn something about her from even the most routine and casual conversations. We have a very honest and open relationship but the one thing she does not let me do is whine and complain. I used to resent that, but I completely understand now. While complaints are not welcome, support is plentiful and bountiful.

And so on a warm and sun-kissed Sunday, while Eliza napped and my dad minded the baby monitor, I took my mom and Sophia out on a little date in Old City. It wasn’t anything fancy, but we sat outdoors talking and enjoying a few snacks. While it wasn’t just the two of us, our little third wheel was most welcome and very pleasant company munching on her favorites and watching the passers by. Carpe Diem!

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