Weekending: Bowling & More

It is difficult to attribute our newfound fully-booked social calendar to solely having moved back to Philadelphia where we can enjoy friends and family. Perhaps Sophia’s own social life in which we’re her dutiful chauffeur and chaperone is what keeps us busy. The real answer is that it must be a little bit of both and it is weekends like this that give me a clear picture of what my life will be like for the next few years.

Just like my parents, my in-laws offered to come into town and spend a Saturday evening with the girls so that we could go out. We’d be crazy to say no and even crazier to deny them the opportunity to spend time with their granddaughters. We’d NEVER say no. Especially on a Saturday night. We grabbed some pub fare just down the street from our place with some friends old and new and had the best time. Company was good, but strolling to dinner and back was spectacular; We missed that while living in Maryland.

Another first for us was taking both kids to a museum. We are members at the Please Touch Museum and Sophia adores going so we finally decided to take the both of them. I loved the museum just as much as I enjoyed it in its old location when we took my now 11 year old nephew.



Eliza was a very impatient shopper while Sophia was a thorough cashier. There was a bit of everything for everyone of every age including a pretty fantastic Alice in Wonderland exhibit.



Sophia loved being a doctor and practicing all sorts of medical procedures on anatomically correct babies. Maybe she will grow up and become a doctor. A mom can dream.


All the pretend play made everyone tired and hungry. I whipped up a batch of my sister’s fiesta salad while the kids decompressed at the crafts table. You needn’t be fooled, the kids don’t always (okay, almost never) craft this nicely. Eliza always wants whatever Sophia has and Sophia never wants to share anything even if she herself doesn’t need it this moment.



We topped our weekend off with a wee bit of kid bowling at a good friend’s son’s 3rd birthday. This was her first time bowling and Sophia had an absolute blast. She loved renting the shoes and pushing the ball down. There was more time outdoors and more delicious and homecooked eats but far too much to recap in one post. This is just a gist of our busy and fulfilling weekend.

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  1. Carpe Diem said:

    […] from all about us to all about the kids. Thinking on this while chauffeuring Sophia to her bowling party this past weekend, I hatched a plan to work on our “just us” […]

    April 29, 2015

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