Weekending: Here

The weekend has flown by and rightfully so; We were busy unpacking Wednesday and thereafter and then there was Yom Kippur and, without a doubt, more unpacking. There are still plenty of boxes around our place but I am happy to report that the kitchen is unpacked/restocked and our closets are filled with clothes—something that was high on my priority list. We are busy not just unpacking but enjoying all that the city and its immediate surroundings have to offer. Sophia has already visited the Aquarium and we are making plans to go to the Please Touch Museum and the Academy of Natural Sciences.

We were rushing to settle in the city as soon as possible because the seasons are changing and Philadelphia is most glorious in the fall. This past Friday was First Friday and we took the girls on a walk around Olde City to enjoy the art exhibitions at the galleries and street vendors. Sophia loved all the sights and Eliza was a dutiful companion letting us explore and enjoy the neighborhood we love and have missed so much.


That’s Sophia rushing to get to the art Galleries… she didn’t want her picture taken because she needed to get to the art first!

We told her that the galleries were going to be open for a long, long time! She finally agreed to have her picture taken in the scenic Elfreth’s Alley which happens to be literally next door to our new place. Sophia was mesmerized by the cobble stones in the street!

Our move and the process of settling here has already had and will surely have more challenges but we are delighted to be close to family in the city we love. Stay tuned for adventures in our neighborhood, enjoying the city life with kids and more.


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