Sesame Street for Grown-Ups

I must admit, I wasn’t a fan of Sesame Street before I even started watching it [with Sophia]. Having grown up in the former Soviet Union, I blissfully avoided watching this and many other (i.e. Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, Barney and Friends, etc.,). I also honestly dreaded having to watch any of those as found them to be mostly boring but alas have recently given in to Sesame Street in order to get a much needed half an hour of peace and quiet after battling the Beltway Traffic in the afternoon.

Before going on about my recent discovery, I must admit that I love the show Sex and the City. It was well done and provides ample opportunity for self-introspection about life, relationships and priorities. Anyway… much to my surprise, Sesame Street appears to have, in a very cheeky way, paid homage on Sex and the City in this episode. At first, I was baffled, and then I realized that perhaps the show’s writers realize that they can teach children about concepts while still entertaining the thousands of parents who collapse on the couch from the day’s activities coupled with fussy children, messy mealtimes and tantrums.

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