A Mother’s Advice

The story of how we met, is quite unlikely. We live in different countries and on different continents. We have a 30+ year age difference between us and yet we have an incredible connection. Her name is Alexandra, but I call her Shura. She’s a mom of a guy I dated very early in college. His and my relationship wasn’t meant to be for the long haul, but little did I know that Shura’s and my was.

She lives in Germany and I first met her in 2001. In fact, she was there when I was visiting her on 9/11. I remember the comfort she offered when I was separated from my family in such an uncertain time. What is so special about Shura is that she is an incredibly strong, smart, witty and honorable woman. She takes care of those who are near and dear. We share the same values, the same hunger for travel, reading, crafts. Most importantly, it isn’t a one-way road, our relationship; I celebrate and share in her joys and sorrows too. How lucky am I to have a mom like that around me?!

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