I’m the youngest of two children. My sister is a whole ten years older. I like to remind her that we belong to two different generations, too ;-). And even though we are ten years apart, we seem to in the last five years have developed a relationship that is unlike one I have ever had and or would have imagined.

Admittedly, we did not have much in common when we were younger since we were in such different stages in our lives. But as we got older, reaching the same milestones, life and its course had brought us closer together. I remember being about twenty and thinking that she’s all done — meaning that she was married, finished her schooling, had a house and a child. At that time, I hadn’t yet achieved any of that and life seemed so uncertain and full of so many challenges. I didn’t realize that life would always be full of challenges at every stage and just when you think you’ve achieved something, there are new challenges to overcome and goals to set for yourself. But I digress…

What is our relationship like now? We are really good friends; we talk almost daily. If we don’t talk on the phone, we text. I share my concerns, and she listens and tries to help. I try to do the same. Neither one of us sugarcoats our opinions or advice. The way she loves and dotes on Sophia lets me know that whatever happens in life, Sophia will never be without family. What’s more, whatever happens in life, when we are old and grey, when our parents are long gone, I am certain that we will be there for one another. It won’t be because there is some sibling or familial obligation, but rather because we’ll have been lifelong friends brought together by the lucky chance of being siblings.



  1. Dana said:

    What a wonderful photo! This is exactly what we say to our kids – friendship and realization that there is no one closer or more important than sister/brother this is what matters most!

    February 3, 2014
    • Nadya said:

      Agreed. I will *try* to do the same.

      February 7, 2014

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