Weekending: Independence

Super bowl weekend sped past us with super-sonic speed. Fancy an alliteration? I suppose the saying “Time flies when you’re having fun” is really true. We really enjoyed the mild weather and took advantage of it by making a few excursions outside of our demesne. Kicking things off with a Friday afternoon trip to the grocery store where all three of us helped stock up on the week’s essentials. There is something darling about a little girl walking toward you looking oh so proud because she is helping you by bringing you a box of pasta. We indulged her sense of pride and appreciated her very own contribution toward fulfilling our family’s duties and chores.

No matter the mild weather, the occasion of the super bowl calls for a bowl of chili. Not just any bowl of chili, but one dressed with tangy guacamole, topped with sour cream and a kiss of scallions.


Thanking the modern and wondrous technology that is a slow-cooker that allowed me to spend much desired quality time with Sophia while the chili cooked itself.


For as long as I can remember, my family has enjoyed the fruits of my mother’s cooking. However, dependence on her culinary skills is about as practical as our reliance on Middle East oil. Realizing as much, I decided to try and learn some of her culinary specialties. The availability of farmer’s cheese at the grocery store inspired me to make cheese blintzes.



There is something magical about a leisurely weekend breakfast when these blintzes are on the menu. I changed things up a bit and must say that am very happy with the result. Sophia, Evan and even my sister, who was passing through on her way to Virginia, were the immediate beneficiaries to this culinary mission of mine. From now on, I will gladly trade blintzes for quality babysitting services ;-).

My mom’s blintzes will always be a special treat, but now I can treat her to a serving of my very own.




  1. […] my sister brought a care package from my mom with her famous strudel and apple pirogies. I recently relieved my mother of blintz-making duties, but have now retained her to make apple […]

    February 24, 2014

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