Weekending: Firsts

Winter made its presence known this weekend with a cold and wet snow storm. We are not getting as much snow as our families up north, but it is still beautiful to wake up on a weekend to the sight of white flakes blanketing our trees in the back yard. Expecting snow, we hunkered down and cooked, crafted and spent lots of time together. Here is how the weekend started.

Firsts1After a lazy start  on Saturday, we hunkered down and cooked, cooked and … well, cooked. Chicken parmesan, southwestern pulled brisket, lentil and kale soup/stew, mushroom and potato soup, slaw and picked onions. All that Saturday cooking left Sunday wide open for more leisurely pursuits.



This is my lunch for Monday 😉 leftover lentil and kale soup and some red pepper hummus… healthy and satisfying.

Sunday mornings must start with coffee, unless it snows, then they must start with hot chocolate.


Not store bought, powdered and grey stuff. Homemade on the stove top with milk, dutch processed cocoa and … wait for it, bittersweet C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E. Thick, rich and bitter … grown up.

This was also the first time Sophia tried it and she liked it… as much as any child can enjoy bittersweet chocolate.

A quick excursion despite the inclement yet gorgeous weather, a lunch from leftovers and the Pièce de résistance…

Southwest pulled brisket served with homemade cabbage and scallion slaw and pickled onions served on tortillas. Satisfying.


First hot chocolate for Sophia, first time making pulled brisket, first snow of the season … a weekend of firsts.


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