Weekending: Art on Loan

Our weekends, at least the last one and this one, have been pretty busy despite being in the throws of winter’s freeze. We enjoyed my parents’ visit this weekend and especially my mom’s surprise home-made varenyky and beef stroganoff. As you know, we hold true to the “Will Feed for Free Babysitting” motto. Here are some of the shenanigans that went on while we were cooking.


that … and …




With our hands free and the desire not to be outdone by my mom’s Russian culinary delights, we made chicken tikka masala which happens to be one of her favorites.


My dad, much like his little granddaughter, is a sweet tooth. So to appeal to his weaknesses/preferences, I whipped up a batch of old-school oatmeal sandwich cookies with cream cheese and mascarpone filling. I found the recipe on the New York times. Instead of raisins, these have dates and toasted coconut. They were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G if not a little too luxurious.


And look, look who helped!?



I also baked brownies for a dinner date we were heading to in Virginia with Sophia in tow. I don’t have pictures of them as they were destined for our company anyway… but lets just say that they did not disappoint. I can also maybe, maybe admit to eating a few too many ends and crumbs from the baking sheet as I was packing them up in individual petit four cups. I learned the petit four cup packaging idea from Evan’s Bubbie who always sends us passover goodies packaged that way.

The highlight of our weekend was receiving this beautiful cross stitched piece for Sophia’s nursery. It was lovingly hand cross-stitched a few years ago by my sister for my nephew’s room.


His nursery used to have a Winnie the Pooh theme and he has since outgrown it. She is going to keep and pass it on for my nephew’s kids but is lending it to Sophia since she has recently gotten into the tales of Winnie and his friends. There is something magical about hand-made, one of a kind pieces that are done by someone you love. It instantly brightened up Sophia’s nursery. We hung it up over a chair where we read books and Sophia looks at it while we read our Winnie the Pooh’s Perfect Spring Day  – also a hand-me-down from my nephew. Who says that loaning art is just for grown ups and large scale installations?!




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