Weekending: Enjoying The Fall

We couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous weekend. Our neighborhood is very wooded and is lit up in a glorious colorscape this time of year. Green, yellow, orange, pink, red and maroon… simply breathtaking. We made the most of the weekend by spending some time outside in the afternoons. The mornings were all about having a lazy weekend with pancakes, coffee (for Evan and me, of course) and cartoons for the little Miss. When not cooking, enjoying the weather or puttering about the house, we did a lot of … this:



We took Sophia to the supermarket on Friday evening which is a big deal for us. You see, with her motion sickness worse than ever and our store being 20 minutes away, she’s only been there three times including Friday. She was a champ and really enjoyed the store and people watching there. After stocking up on so many yummy things, we had no other option but to cook with all the delicious produce we stocked up on. Warning: Food Pictures Below.



Sea Trout in Bercy Sauce . It sounds fancier and more difficult than it really was. This, together with the veggies below, was a 20 minute dinner.

ZucchiniOnionsSesameEvan’s famous sesame zucchini


Nikujaga — mmm so good and we have leftovers, too.


Sometimes, a simple rice dish is just what is in order. Fried rice made the cut for a Sunday night dinner. Evan used five-spice, garlic, ginger, mirin (japanese rice wine), sesame oil and peas to make this salty, sweet, and aromatic dish.

Before Sunday, but after Saturday’s pancakes, we needed something for breakfast that didn’t require cooking on the morning of. After looking at our two super-ripe bananas, we all agreed on banana muffins.


Oh, and I have brownies in the oven as I write this, but I’ll spare you the picture and maybe you won’t run out for a morning snack after reading this.

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    November 12, 2013

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