Going Back…

In life, there are no do-overs but there are sometimes second chances. In welcoming Eliza, I’ve had a second chance on mothering and as I anticipated, I’ve done a few things differently. Another second chance I’ve had is the choice to go back to work after my maternity leave ends. I’ve done it, I’ve gone back to work; This week marked the first few days and I am still happy with my decision the second time around.

On the one hand, it is difficult to leave little ones behind and head off to work, but on the other hand, I recognize that life is about making choices and there is no better time to teach my children that than now. It is probably just me, but I am happier when I’ve been at work and made a contribution of my own and outside the home.

Very few things in life beat a warm welcome I receive when I get home. Back in the days when Sophia was an infant and up at all hours of the night, my mom told me that there will come a time when I am welcomed home by a bouncing little girl screaming “Mama, Mama”. This lovely picture she painted seemed so far away. No longer far away, it is finally here. My afternoons’ happy reunions are complete with bright and cheery “Mama, it’s Mama!!!” followed by hugs and kisses so delicious that I’d choose them, ALWAYS, over chocolate or anything else earthly.


In a way, I am taking an easier road because I haven’t yet a harder job than that of a stay-at-home mom. I salute everyone who makes that choice and can’t stop counting my fortune to live in a place where we have choices.

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