A Coffee Date

… it was always a matter of time before I could sit down and have a conversation with Sophia over coffee. Okay, maybe over steamed milk, madeleines and a sparkling water (for me). I have really enjoyed getting to know Sophia better while home on leave. It probably sounds a little bit odd hearing a mom say that she is getting to know her own child, but I haven’t had such an opportunity while working and especially while working and pregnant. Moreover, she is ready to discover the world and takes everything in. Also, having a new sibling at home makes our Just Mommy and Me time that much more enjoyable and necessary for us both.

We’ve taken a few classes together at our local children’s gym and gone on a few excursions to the local mall on rainy days, but this, this was just perfect. I don’t hold a special affinity to Starbucks and in fact, would rather offer my patronage to a local shop or, better yet, to La Colombe. But we were nearby and it really didn’t matter where—just that we could share in the experience. We walked in, discussed what we were going to get, ordered, waited and sat outside enjoying each other’s company and our snack. We talked about spending time and Sophia asked about where all the other people were going. She doesn’t realize that people go to work, that they are running busily about their days from one place to another. Her innocence is refreshing. I couldn’t ask for a better half and hour than this.


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  1. […] weather brought us out for the majority of the weekend. First up, Sophia and I picked up on our tradition from last summer when Eliza was just a wee one and took a leisurely walk through the neighborhood […]

    April 20, 2015

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