Stuffing It In All A Weekend Session

Sophia is now highly mobile and still not very independent which means she walks while holding both your hands and cannot stand or walk on her own. With time at a premium, we’ve turned into making easy, scalable dishes. This past Saturday I made stuffed peppers.

The stuffed peppers I grew up with were low fat, low flavor (SORRY MOM), high health factor, chicken and rice stuffed peppers. The ones I reminisce about and the ones I made share only one thing in common: the pepper I use a delivery vehicle for the spicy chorizo and cous cous stuffing. I also use diced tomatoes and cheese to up the moisture and flavor contents. All in all, 9 peppers took 1 hr from start to finish including clean-up. Another 45 minutes in the oven (inactive cooking). I don’t know anyone who can eat more than 1.5 peppers… so these tend to last a while.

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