Traveling Back In Time: An Intro

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you already know that travel is a passion of mine, my family’s, and one day, hopefully Sophia’s. And while I enjoy travel to places, I have long thought about taking myself and those who surround me on a literary journey — back in time.

I’ve been reading blogs written by many different people — travelers, cooks, authors, moms, and political scientists for a few years now. I thought hard about starting this blog, the real motivation behind it and what I wanted to get out of it. On the surface, this is where I share my family’s life, the trials and tribulations of raising Sophia. But really, this isn’t just about that. This is a conduit for the output of self introspection, a cathartic release.

And so this series is born… a set of posts where I will share my life’s story (until now, at least) and in the process, maybe understand and share with you, why I am the person you “see”.

Born in Ukraine into a Russian/Jewish family of a mother, father and an older sister. My father was in the army (a Major at the time of my birth) and my mother was and still is a pharmacist.

My mother’s family lived in Haisin (Ukraine). My maternal grandmother was a loving early childhood educator and my grandfather a technician of sorts. I to this day don’t really know what he did. I do know that my grandfather was born in Poland, ran from the Nazis, was captured twice, escaping once and released (by a soldier with a good heart). His entire family perished in the Holocaust (his father, step-mother and sisters).

My father’s family lived in Kiev (Ukraine). My paternal grandmother was a child of Polish immigrants, married young and had two daughters. Her husband was accused of treason by the Stalin regime, tried, killed and [much] later absolved. A widow at the age of ~21, she married my grandfather. He was a gentile from an upstanding family in the suburbs of Moscow. He had fought in, survived the war and studied law.

My parents, set up by mutual friends, met in Kiev in 1972. They were engaged three months after meeting and married within the year. That is how it used to be, by the way. To contrast, my husband and I dated for four years, were engaged for two more and have been married for five come this June. My mother became an army wife and followed my dad to his first exciting posting (Almaty, Kazakhstan). My sister was born there.

My sister and I
My sister and I

After Almaty, they went to Moscow where my dad pursued his graduate education at the prestigious Frunze Academy, and then Baku which is where I grew up. By all accounts, we enjoyed a comfortable living affording a car and vacations on the shores of the Black Sea. My dad insists that my mom never had to work, but she always did.

More to come…


  1. Dana said:

    Oh my God!!! You look just like Sophia!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or she does look exactly like you on this photo!
    Good luck with the series, it’s great! I was looking to start something like that for quite awhile, but it doesn’t work for me for some reason, maybe the time is not right yet.

    February 20, 2013
    • Nadya said:

      Haha… I know what you mean about looking just like her. I think I have mischief written all over my face and so does she. The series may be a failure or a success, but I feel a huge release/relief sharing it. I hope you feel like the time is right at one point or another in the near future. Do it for yourself and as a legacy to the kiddos.

      February 20, 2013

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