Gentleman Farming

I would hardly call the suburbs of D.C. a farming sort of a place. However, since we’re really city people, anything outside the busy hustle and bustle of the city may as well be a farm. We embraced creating a vegetable garden last year but it wasn’t the grandest of successes. That’s said, you can’t succeed if you don’t try again and again, and … well, again.

Besides, gardening is quite the family tradition in our families and traditions are best passed down.

Our Gentleman Farming Past

We’ve decided to give gardening another try and have expanded the space [hopefully] letting our veggies get more sunshine this time around. We also built it out with 2 x 4s and painted them so as to not have the garden stick out like a sore thumb in our front yard.

Building Out the Plot


The weather hasn’t been consistent enough to plant the likes of tomatoes, so we’re focusing on herbs for now.

Lavender and OreganoWe also had a welcome surprise while tilling the garden: our carrots from last year which we planted far too close actually survived the winter and here’s the loot we were treated to:

Last year's carrots, this year's yummies… after I harvested the carrots and planted the herbs and while hubby continued to paint the garden fence poles, I watched little Sophia who had ideas of her own.

Is that a Cookie?





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  1. bubbie said:

    Where did you ever find the picture of Evan and Zadie? I don’t think I ever saw it before. How beautiful that you are carrying forth the tradition! Love you, Bubbie

    April 25, 2013

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