The State of Our [Garden] Affairs

It has been hot, humid and raining cats and dogs here. The risk of yet another derecho has kept my mind busy with worries. The weather has been quite good for our little garden which has had to fare on its own and is rather overrun by weeds. Who can possibly weed in 90*F weather when the humidity is also 100%? I thought you might like to see what’s going on there after all that rain.

TomatoesFlowering tomato plants. Let us start chanting the “don’t eat my tomatoes” mantra.

PeppersThe peppers are about to flower. I forgot what kind we bought — I like plant surprises.

PeasMy peas gave up on me helping them grow vertically and literally now hold one another up as they climb a loose trellis.

Garden5The herb garden looks delectable and like I need to use that parsley a little bit more. Maybe a chimichurry sauce for this weekend.

SaladeThat’s all arugula and mesclun greens. Help! They’re overgrowing and something is also eating them with vigor.

HomegrownSaladThat’s why the arugula had to become this salad. The Chinese chives are also running wild and rampant in our garden right along the mint. I am pretty sure there is a plant war going on there and the mint maybe winning. Time to help the chives and make a few mojitos.







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