Green, Green Everywhere…

The summer is officially here. My little garden is doing as well as can be expected when its master is not much into weeding. It is very verdant and green. The tomato plans are growing too tall and rather out of control despite my best attempts to tame them. They have tomatoes on them too which I pray aren’t eaten by little predators from the woods that surround us.



I’ve had the pleasure of harvesting our own snow peas. We’re still harvesting radishes, mesclun greens and arugula. Sliced thin, the peas make a wonderful addition to an all-green salad with homegrown lettuces and cucumbers.



As lovely as it is to harvest and enjoy fresh produce, it is infinitely more enjoyable to do so with a little one. Sophia has her favorite spot in the garden (the mint bush). She likes to pick the peas, too. I think we may try to keep gardening next year when she will hopefully be even more excited about all the vegetables.

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  1. Dana said:

    Fingers crossed for your tomatoes 🙂

    July 1, 2013

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