Simply the Best, Better than All the Rest

I usually don’t post on Saturday. But today isn’t just a regular Saturday. Today is my sister’s birthday and it is a big one. I won’t disclose how many candles belong on the cake, but let’s just say that she’s ten years older than I am. Some things in life are worth pausing, savoring and celebrating and my sister is a very special person (not just to me) who I can’t savor and celebrate enough.

A few words about what my sister is like …

1. Green eyes, auburn hair, 5 feet 7 inches tall.

2. Exceptionally smart, well-read and well rounded.

3. Everything she starts up, she always finishes. Good thing too, because I don’t respect quitters.

4. Turns out beautiful cross stitch pieces — works of art. I’ve been a lucky recipient of a few and they are family heirlooms.

5. Works hard, diligent, a big boss but you’d never know. I respect her down-to-earth demeanor. Loves to travel.

There is no one I’d rather have as a sister. Happy birthday, A! You are simply the best, better than all the rest

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