Daddy Daycare

Not through any fault of his own, my husband has not had a full day with the baby — ever. He has never put her down for an afternoon nap or to bed. Well, this past Monday was THE day. I had planned a full day at the conference and he planned some fun activities for Sophia. He was excited to rise to the challenge and spend the day with his very own mini-me. Their agenda was ambitious: 1. the Children’s Discovery Museum wherefrom she couldn’t be dragged away and 2. lunch a deux.

I am told Sophia didn’t want to leave the museum and enjoyed it so much that she fell asleep on the way to lunch. Fear not, hubby took lunch to go and made sure she feasted when she woke up. I leave for ONE day and what does he feed her?! Cow head and tongue tacos! I have no evidence of these alleged culinary … erm … delicacies, but I do have evidence of good times at the Discovery Museum.


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