The Lions of The Sea Were Calling

Traveling with a toddler is not really a vacation but rather a change of scenery. That said, there is nothing more exciting than witnessing your child(ren) discover the world that surrounds them. We had planned to be in San Jose, CA for four days or so including the day I had at my conference. After checking out the children’s museum, and the computer museum, we decided it was time to branch out just a little further. Only 70 miles away, Monterey lies on the coast of California south of San Francisco. Its climate is vastly different than that of the Silicon Valley where it was warm and dry. We drove out in the morning with a plan to see the famous aquarium, check out the sea lions, have some sea food and return home to warm up our chilled extremities. The aquarium was spectacular. It wasn’t too large, its exhibits interesting and we were there early enough to avoid a huge crowd. Sophia looked like she had encountered creatures from outer space. She was especially mesmerized by the jelly fish.

Big ones,
Little ones,
Pink ones and even blue ones.
One had a little dot.
And all the other ones I have now forgot.

That was clearly [loosely] inspired by reading all those Dr. Seuss books. We’re now into the Green Eggs and Ham and the One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.


Once we spotted the sea lions sunning themselves just outside the aquarium and visible from its patio, Sophia couldn’t be dragged back inside. She ran around and kept looking at the sea lions and the birds.



Alas, hunger prevailed and we set off to get lunch. Seemed appropriate to get seafood after looking at a lot of it in tanks ;-). Overall, Monterey seemed lovely for a day-trip. This was Sophia’s first time at an aquarium and I am sure we will now make time to go the one in Baltimore (just an hour away from us).




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