We’re Back!

I mean that in the most literal and figurative sense. It has been quiet on our blog lately because we’ve been busy traveling. A while ago, I said that 1. we’ll be traveling again sooner rather than later and 2. we won’t be doing it without little Sophia. I like to hold true to my promises (even if we make them to ourselves). Alas, behold — one of the few recaps I’ll be posting of our trip.

One of the perks of my job as a scientist is that I get an opportunity to submit the results of my research to esteemed, peer-reviewed conferences. If accepted, I travel to interesting and sometimes exciting destinations to present the method and results of my research, interact with interesting and smart people and explore new places. I have previously traveled to Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, and all over the United States to present my work, but had to take a break from publishing after we welcomed Sophia. Well… we’re back or rather, I am back. Earlier this year, I submitted my work to a conference to be held in San Jose, CA. Hubby and I decided to make a family trip out of this opportunity especially since my ticket is paid for, and Sophia doesn’t yet need a ticket to fly. So we could take a few days off by paying for a hotel and hubby’s flight — sounds like the perfect deal.

San Jose is located in the Silicon Valley near San Francisco and California’s Wine Country. We decided to tack on a week to my conference and spend it touring Napa, Sonoma, Calistoga, San Jose and San Francisco. Late in the game, we tacked on Monterrey which I’ll talk about in a forthcoming post.

The good news? We’re home. The better news? We had a great time. We loved it and we’ve decided that traveling with a toddler is nothing that we can’t do and enjoy. There were and will still be many challenges. The trick is to be positive, to go with the flow and embrace your new traveling situation.



I leave you with a teaser… more posts detailing the experience and travels in getting there are coming soon.

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