Five Hours and Forty One Minutes

… is how long a flight from Dulles International is to San Francisco’s International Airport. Strike that. That is how long the flight was supposed to be until we were delayed and forced to stay on the airplane. Six and a half hours later, we landed at SFO (the code for San Francisco’s airport), picked up our two suitcases, a stroller, a diaper bag, a camera bag and hightailed it to the rental car.

This post is really a recap of our flying experience and also some advice for parents of children between 1 and 2 years of age. Here’s how we went about it. 1. We submitted two pieces of luggage to free up our hands as much as possible. 2. packed toys, books, snacks (cheerios, lollie pops, dried sour cherries, raisins and prunes), lunch foods, water, videos and pictures to entertain Sophia. 3. Gate checked our stroller and rented a car with a carseat so as to not lug ours. 4. attempted to get Sophia to nap as long as possible and then tried to make her comfortable for the other 4 hrs. Embraced (or in my case, really tried to) the fact that she’ll be jet-lagged and possibly never adapt to the 3 hr time-change.

All in all, it was a pleasant experience and we thankfully, were not THOSE parents whose child had many a tantrum. We also opted not to give her Benadryl or anything like that because 1. we didn’t want to mess with her Circadian Rhythms and 2. because we wanted to persevere on our own and wanted her to as well. I advise everyone who owns a smartphone, an iPad or tablet to download the Doodle app immediately. You can thank me later :-).

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