To feed and be fed

… is an exercise in generosity. It takes time to develop the menu, source the ingredients, clean the house, set the table, prepare the dishes, serve, and finally clean up. Feeding, whether three or twenty three, takes time and money. Both time and money are highly precious for all of us and so when hubby and I do make the time to host, we like to do it as best we can. Not just so we can check a to-do item, but so that we can enjoy the fruits of our labor and more importantly see that those who shared their time with us are enjoying it too.

This innate drive to satiate is at least in part a learned behavior. I learned it from my mother, and she from hers. I hope to pass it on to Sophia and along with it, some good family recipes. Speaking of … my parents met us at our house the evening we flew in from our recent sojourn to California. They extended the most generous offer, to bring over dinner and help with Sophia, and we would have been crazy to decline it. My mother brought her famous sous. After a long day’s travel, we instantly felt “at home”. Maybe it was because we both spent so much time at my parents’ house during our college years enjoying sous or maybe because when someone takes care of you on such a basic level, you always remember.

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