Weekending: Tutti Fruity

Weekending is back or rather having a weekend at home and to ourselves is back. First things first… we just had to get to the farm to feed farm animals and, of course, pick fresh blackberries and peaches. Everybody helped!


Okay, I admit: I didn’t help feeding the barnyard animals. I was on a mission to pick blackberries while everyone else was feeding grass to the llama and its friend, the goat.


After a much-needed rest from the morning’s exertions, we renewed ourselves with guacamole and went on to cooking dinner. Big on resting and not cooking every weekday, we are into one-pot wonders these days.


We make a new dish every evening of the weekend and have leftovers for the first few days of the week. Saturday night’s feast was Lemon-Braised Chicken and Beans with Mint Pesto — except that I substituted pine nuts for almonds with Sophia in mind. She has had some tree nuts before and I wouldn’t mind giving her more, but didn’t want to just go ahead and put so much into the refreshing and cooling pesto.



Speaking of barnyard-y … the heavy cream we source is local from cows who graze on open fields and is distinctly richer and more … well … barnyard-y. It made a mean custard-based vanilla ice-cream from my recently acquired ice cream book.

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