Weekending: With Nuts!

… and not just any nuts, but pistachios and not your average pistachios but ones that come from Sicily. What were we doing with nuts? Making pistachio ice cream of course. The season and everything else going on around here hasn’t slowed down the pace at which we are churning out (literally) delicious goodies.



I used this recipe for the ice cream and ended up shelling the big bucks for the pistachio crema. It makes sense to go to Sicily just to stock up on the pistachio products alone.

We have also embraced seasonality and so Evan whipped up an amazing fish en papillote from a local catch. What could be better than ginger, lemon, scallion and herbs from our very own garden?


All of them steamed with fish in a pocket and topped with asparagus of course.

May18Weekend1Delicious as that is… nothing beats time with Grammie and water-play!


There was of course more cooking that this … but most of the other culinary delectables were repeats from our past favorites and I won’t tantalize bore you with pictures.

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