Why is it that weekends and summer in general, seem to be running by faster than I can ever remember? My parents visited this past weekend and (thankfully) offered some much needed help with Sophia. We seem to have settled into a routine with them — my mom cooks and brings over a cooler-full of some of our favorite dishes and we cook some of our own for my parents to enjoy with us. Grateful to have our hands untied, Evan and I got busy with preparing a healthy/fresh/delicious Saturday dinner. That started off with


a fresh summer fig and Gorgonzola dolce crostini

Because the crostini was clearly a luscious indulgence, we decided to go light and switch to Asian flavors with Evan’s famous (at least in our family) steamed rockfish with perfumed scallions, serrano and ginger.


Finishing off the meal with something that’s decidedly summer…

IScreamIceScreamA homemade ice-cream trio. The chocolate on the left, vanilla on the right and fresh, local peach front and center.

I am pretty sure my dad is ready to move in with us just for the ice-creams.

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