Embracing My [Russian] Duties

I have openly admitted that I do not cook a lot of Russian food. There are a variety of reasons and excuses for this choice. For whatever reason, likely insanity, I decided to embrace my Russian self and cook something Russian. The fall is all but here and we all know Russian food is rich in variety — meat and potatoes one day, and potatoes and meat the next day… kidding.

Anyway, most cultures have some sort of a dumpling as part of their cuisine — the latin countries have the likes of empanadas, while the Asian continent is rich with dumplings and the Italians have their raviolis and other stuffed pastas. Russia (or more specifically all of the former republics of the former Soviet Union) have the pirozhki and varenniki. The latter is exactly what I decided to make … on a weeknight no less. Crazy, right? I did split the labor into two evenings. I made the mashed potato and sautéed onion filling on Monday evening and the dough yesterday. Here they are in all their glory. I had quite a happy customer (Evan) in the kitchen yesterday.


Sitting pretty while waiting for a dip in the hot water


Fresh out of the pot bathed in more sautéed onions and salt … steaming and delicious.

Reluctantly, I acknowledge that although I made these after a long workday and was tired, I enjoyed the process. There is something soothing and calming in a repetitive hands-on activity. There is also immense pleasure in seeing Evan enjoy them … Sophia hates and I do mean hates mashed potatoes, so these were not a win for her.


  1. Irma Spencer said:

    My Geman daughter in law makes Sauer braten once a year. Takes several days, but with red cabbage it is a treat. Some day her grand sons will like it.

    January 8, 2015

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