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I am reading, looking up, searching or admiring new sites, ideas, recipes, tutorials and all matter of materials for hours each day. A part of that is for work, a part for continuing education (because I want to) and last and perhaps most important part is for inspiring new ideas whether it be for cooking, traveling, getting away or just developing my style of keeping house and home. In doing so, I have developed a stash of sites I enjoy visiting and on occasion share them here. So alas, without too much further adieu, here are some sites that I really enjoy.

  • There is something magical about pieces that are made by hand by artisans. I pine to own one of these pieces… maybe after we’ve checked off a few more travel destinations, we’ll take the plunge.
  • I love crafts and routinely look here for patterns and inspiration. There is something nordic, basic, simple and oh so very elegant about these knits. Incidentally, I’ve made of the pieces showcased here for Sophia. She loved it.
  • Mmmm… these recipes just beg to be cooked.
  • I can’t help but admire these beautiful jewelry pieces there. Even though I can wear casual clothes to work and don’t dress up while chasing after a 22 month-old, I still appreciate and collect pieces time/budget permitting.
  • If I could afford it, I would summer (okay, even spend a week) at this beautiful nature setting. I am a city girl at heart, but I love to get away and unwind. It is essential to our happiness.
  • I don’t solely drool over jewelry and cooking sites… I also nourish myself with interesting information presented in a creative and unique way such as this.
  • … and last, but not least, I have found serious evidence that Evan and I are not the only people out there who love and live to travel, whose sole purpose in life is to unearth the uniqueness of other cultures. This is a blog about a lawyer who gave up her career to do just that — to travel, to eat, to see and explore and it seems that she feeds not just her belly but her soul.

Do you have sites and blogs that you read regularly? Share them with me in the comments section. I am always looking to diversify my reading list.

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