Splendid Reading…

You know what that is, right? Reading? Yes, reading. The kind where the book isn’t a magazine. Because magazines aren’t reading — they are perusing/skimming. Anyway, reading has become quite a luxury and I indulged in it heavily last week.

I indulged in two books, the first called A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini and the second one is Autobiography by Ben Franklin. The latter surprisingly good but the former was extraordinary.

Hosseini’s book explores complex relationships of mothers and daughters. It especially highlights the way these universal concepts play out in an austere society. I won’t give away the story but am quite happy I don’t wear a burqa and have the right to education. Even happier, I took advantage of the privilege right.

Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography while not yet finished serves as a refresher course for how to conduct oneself. What it means to respect and be respected and how to conduct your daily interactions with all people. Also highly recommended.

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