The Rhubarb Faceoff

I have dreamed of this weather, this spring, this upcoming summer since early December when it became obvious that the coming winter was going to pay us back for the past three mild ones. The appearance of rhubarb signals the beginning of spring. There are few things that are better than this red, juicy and tangy plant especially when packed into buttery doughs and topped with sugary confections.

Bright minds think alike and of course my sister and I had ended up baking rhubarb concoctions this weekend. This was most fortuitous because my parents came to visit us for a few days and ended up being the couriers of our baked goodies. We received a very generous portion of a crispy, tangy and sweet cake topped with caramelized meringue on Saturday

IMG_1765and sent back


this rhubarb snacking cake on Sunday. Since we don’t live too close, we don’t get to exchange our baked goodies too often.

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