Father’s Day: For You, Everything!

Someone recently told me that if they were my parents, my father especially, they would have never left the former USSR to come here. Their point was perfectly valid and it highlighted to me everything I already knew about my Dad Рhis love knows no self-preservation. My dad is an incredibly strong man, he is a great role model for perseverance, for hard work, for doing whatever it takes to take care of his family. His own self worth, his station in life so hard earned forgone for a risky bet on the success of his children that has so far paid off.

What I love most is that from him, I receive a different kind of love than from anyone else — his love is strong; It is pride, respect and satisfaction wrapped in one. It is an indulgent love that I crave and have gotten used to being the baby of the family. But the real beauty is seeing my father with his grandchildren. It is something I love, live for and cherish. I couldn’t imagine a better father. Happy Father’s Day!


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