Weekending: Hugs, Kisses and Delicious Food

The weekend was here at last. Funny how I still look forward to the weekend even though I am on leave. I sometimes wonder if I will loose perspective by the end of my 12 week vacation and every day will be the weekend at that point. I suppose having Evan at home and visits from our family make the weekend exceptional. Maternity leave is certainly not a vacation, though it is incredibly rewarding!


As expected, our families came to visit and meet the new addition bringing with them able hands to play with Sophia and delicious dishes for us to enjoy. As most parents know, cooking when you’ve just welcomed a new addition can be difficult and we haven’t dabbled into much cooking since Eliza’s birth. Evan did however wing an amazing beef recipe that we had two different ways over the last week and felt it was good enough to share. It is a hands off recipe that can be enjoyed in a tortilla with fixings in a Tex-Mex sort of way and also with simple Marinara sauce and pasta in an Italian style. The recipe is here and here’s how we enjoyed it:




… and while the beef was marinating …


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