Exactly twenty one years ago today, on a dreary rainy evening, my family immigrated to the United States. The date is forever ingrained in my memory. I look back remembering what it was like then, what it is like now, and everything in between. It was then, and will forever be, the single most challenging experience for my parents, sister, and me. But as they say, no pain, no gain. The decision to emigrate, and a tiny bit of hard work, have also been incredibly rewarding.

Evan sent me this link that showcases what life was like in the Soviet Union in the mid-late 1980ies. As I watched the footage, listened to the people, I could understand the language but not relate or recall that that is what life was really like. Perhaps that, the fact that I don’t remember the every day life, is what has helped shaped me into the person that I am. That old life doesn’t hold me back and yet, everything that is positive about having come from another country (bilingualism, wanderlust) propels me forward. So thank you to all those who have been supportive and who have wished me and my family well.

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