It’s The Very End

The year is coming to an end and sometimes we can’t stop but look back on own accomplishments introspectively. I find that it helps to see what were some of my own successes and more importantly, my failures. I always make a promise to admit my shortcomings, but no regrets because I can’t change the past.

My biggest regret has been not placing trust into people who I had no reason to doubt. I realize now that it wasn’t about trusting them, it was more about letting myself trust someone else. Realizing this very fact was my aha moment. I needed to grow as a person and as a mom.

My biggest accomplishment was keeping the household running. I shouldn’t claim this as my accomplishment because it really took the three of us. We each had a special role. I am the planner, Evan is my partner in crime and Sophia made sure we didn’t take ourselves and our life too seriously by messing up our plans once in a while.

Other things that I am proud of include the persistence with sharing our lives on this blog. I can say that I do it because I don’t like to quit, but really I think that this is an interesting journal for Sophia to read and see what we were both like when we were young and she was little. I don’t like to quit and I don’t have much respect for those who do unless there is a worthwhile reason.

Like most others when one thing comes to an end, we look forward to what’s next. I’m looking forward to more time with family, a bigger focus on being the best person that I can be and balancing my life to ensure a happy me and thus a happy family.

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