Weekending: A Lazy State of Mind

The snow came and went before we had a chance to enjoy it. On the one hand, its nice to live where the weather is just a little warmer, but on the other hand, poor Sophia hasn’t ever had a chance to ride in a sled. Besides the uninspiring weather, we are feeling caught up in the frenzy that is getting ready for the holiday. We’re not necessarily partaking in all this holiday shopping and running around but are feeling caught up by association. So in an effort to maintain sanity and spend some much needed peaceful time at home, we stayed in, cooked a roasted chicken and defrosted some yummy dishes from before. Unlike the recent weekends where the culinary repertoire was large, all I have to show for this weekend is Rugelach.


You may notice that these do not adhere to the typical shape of rugelach. Well… did you really expect a mother of a toddler to sit there rolling out each cookie? I found this recipe and was thrilled that all I had to do was roll out dough, spread the filling, roll into a roll and cut into cookies to bake. And guess what? they’re just as delicious as I remembered them when I had the proper cookie last.

Since lazy and relaxing was pretty much the theme around these parts, I also started to read a new book series… and I finished it. Now if you know me personally, you’ll know that the fervent reader gene that my parents and especially my sister have has clearly been omitted in my DNA. I am a rather slow reader and take a while to get into it. That being said, if I like the book, I swallow it. I am reading these series now (well, I just finished) and yes, it is not a literary masterpiece. It is… an easy, entertaining and romantic story. Sometimes a girl needs a little romance in a novel. After being called out on my “high brow” selection by Evan, I am going to make up for it by reading this book by Khaled Hosseini. I’ve mentioned his books before and have to say that his writing is exceptional and the subject matter truly touching. I recommend that everyone read his other two books: The Kiterunner and A Thousand Splendid Suns.

Since we’re talking about books, I am also planning to read the Hunger Games Trilogy. I know, I know… as usual, I am late but better late than never. So that’s that… the low and high brow book selection for the most avid of readers.


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