A Sweet Ending

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There were no plans on our calendar for the break between Christmas and New Year’s. We had been content to have a staycation but were lured out with the promise of chocolate and quality time with Evan’s parents at Hershey.

The trip, which lasted just a few days, really was spontaneous and we rushed to make sure everyone was packed and ready to go. I am still shocked, though no longer really surprised, about how much stuff little kids require when traveling.

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The girls went to Chocolate World and learned all about how chocolate is made. Sophia participated in cookie decorating and played reindeer games while Eliza napped. Sophia had the best time! Evan and I enjoyed seeing his parents and watching them enjoy their granddaughters. We finished the trip up with s’mores on the terrace in the dark warmed by a roaring pit fire. Just lovely!

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