When It Rains, It Pours


This was, by all accounts, a three alarm fire children’s party weekend. Evan and I hosted one for Sophia and we attended two others. To say that I would very much like a weekend to unwind is an understatement. I have vivid visions of pillows and blankets, lazy mornings, and fluffy buttermilk pancakes.


For the first time ever, Sophia had a clear vision for what kind of a party she wanted. “A mermaid party with a chocolate and vanilla cake, all our friends, and Alex…” said Sophia when we first spoke to her. I haven’t done too many themed child parties but decided that even I could tackle this one. Purple tablecloths, starfish, sea-shells, and pink and gold confetti set the stage for the tablescapes. I felt that though pretty, the sea-themed decorations would, on their own, will not have enough height to really stand out in the room. We decided that purple/blue and white hydrangea would add height and delicate femininity.

img_4424Hydrangeas, confetti, and balloons were mere decorations, but the real stars of the party were those who made time to come and celebrate Sophia’s BIG 5! Eliza, as we can see here, did not suffer greatly as the birthday sister. Not only did she get a few small birthday sister presents, but she was loved on by her aunt and uncle.


That’s a wrap. See you next year when we’re shifting to much smaller, more exclusive celebrations for the kids’ birthdays.

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