Seeing Double

img_7536.jpgWe hosted our friends for brunch this Saturday morning and I was able to pull off a spinach quiche and crepes from scratch in just under two hours the morning of thanks to the Sophia and Eliza playing on their own.

It seems that things are changing at our house and, as the girls get older, I find that my focus is shifting from entertaining/occupying Eliza and Sophia to stepping back to take care of things around the house or *gasp* work on my own hobbies.


Their interactions are becoming much more collaborative and interactive. This 100-piece puzzle took them about an hour and Eliza was a keen contributor finding appropriate color pieces for Sophia. With the puzzle complete, having attended a princess birthday party with Sophia, and relaxed most of Sunday, I shall record this weekend a success.

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  1. Judi said:

    Like those big pink feet up close!

    December 12, 2016

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